FBA Frequently Asked Questions

common problem
Q: Can you bring the battery products with the overseas warehouse?
A: Lithium batteries can be, there are four ways to choose from: air, sea, UPS and EMS. Customers need to cooperate in the packaging and packing: If each battery must be a separate anti-static bag and the box with a sponge shock, each box can not exceed 10kg.
Q: The use of overseas warehouses, the first tariff is how the charges?
A: The use of reimbursement of customs duties. HaoTong can before the customer shipment, according to the customer's inquiry rate product details, an approximate calculation of taxes. But only as a reference, the actual number of goods to be taken after the only know.
Q: products in the overseas warehouse how to do?
A: If customers encounter poor sales of products if we meet the standards of shared inventory customers, products can be shared with our other customers, so that other customers on behalf of sales. At the same time we also have a mature WMS (warehouse management system) for you to check the number of each product inventory, warehousing and storage of the specific circumstances, so you can according to the sales situation of a reasonable replenishment plan to avoid slow-moving situation appear.
Q: Is the approved product also allowed to be modified?
A: The product passed the audit, the system generates the only SKU code, the product can not be modified, only to re-add the product, if there is no need for the product, the inventory is 0, you can delete.
Q: What are the advantages of Hao Tong overseas warehousing services compared with other companies?
A: 1, we have nearly 20 years of experience in the traditional international logistics
2, in the United States legally registered importers, have their own import code and IOR registration code
3, we can according to the customer's business model and product features to provide personalized logistics solutions
4, rich, humane value-added services
Q: FBA delivery to pay attention to what?
A: amazon can not be directly as the recipient and importer (that is, the seller sent to the FBA when the goods to the FBA can not produce any fees, while the recipient can not directly write amazon, Person (or the name of the store).
Q: What is Amazon's way of transport?
A: Amazon FBA head of the process, customers need to use the Amazon warehouse stocking goods to the Amazon warehouse a way to deliver the first way. The main methods can be roughly divided into:
1, the traditional air (faster aging, suitable for replenishment)
2, the traditional shipping (slow aging, suitable for large quantities of stocking to reduce costs)
3, the international express transportation (aging fast, the price a little expensive, suitable for replenishment and higher customer unit price of the product)
4, overseas warehouse stocking model (flexible, affordable, direct delivery and FBA stocking both)
Q: exports of goods to foreign countries, customs body is Hao- company or other customs broker?
A: 1, is guaranteed for qualified customs and VAT invoice customers HaoTong arrange to use the customer's own rise declaration Customs declaration;
2, there is no guarantee for the customs and VAT invoices qualified customers, according to the goods HaoTong will be subject as a customs declaration or arrange a qualified excellent suppliers declaration.